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An unusual and attractive location with uncompromising luxury.

Hagag Group is proud to introduce the company's flagship project, the "H-Infinity" Tower, which is located on the corner of Ibn Gabirol st. and Jabotinsky st. in Tel-Aviv, near the famous Kikar hamedina and not far from Rabin square, combining uncompromised luxury while set at a central location in the city.

It will enable  its residents to enjoy the Tower as planned by renowned architect, Moshe Tzur and carried out by the known developers, the Hagag Group.

The project is planned to stand 50 stories high with an attached 6 story structural commercial building. Moshe Tzur, the fabulous architect, designed the Tower and he and his team are responsible for a significant portion of the projects implemented in the city in recent years.

This project was chosen by the developers after placing an uncompromising standard for it and as such was planned as their flagship project.

The Tower is being constructed and will continue to be built in the upcoming years. It has a luxurious high standard design, including all glass walls, enabling its future residents to maximize the views of the metropolitan city combined with a breathtaking view to its Mediterranean sea coastline.

The design and the materials that have been carefully selected for the project are a considerable step up in quality, as wished upon by the developers, especially when it comes to luxury towers. The Tower will also include an infinity swimming pool as well as fitness facilities which are an integral part of the attractions offered by the building.  Exclusively designed walls combined with exclusive bleached aluminum will give the tower a luxurious facade which will radiate miles away. 

We look forward to your joining our family and enjoying the high quality of a new standard of living in luxury quarters.

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