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Hagag Group's company profile

Hagag Group's company profile

The Hagag brothers, Isaac and Eido, started their Real-Estate activities in Israel in 2003, under the brand "Hagag Group". Starting as of the end of 2010, the Hagag brothers are the controlling shareholders of HAGAG GROUP REAL ESTATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP LTD, an Israeli Public company. The company is specializing in the development, management and marketing of real-estate projects in Israel.

  • In 2008, Hagag brothers were selected to be among the 40 leaders in Israel under the age of 40.
  • In 2009, the Hagag Group was selected as one of the four most influential real estate Groups.
  • In 2010, the brothers won the title of Globe's men of the year.
  • In 2011 Hagag Group’s prestigious project Meier on Rothschild won a design award.


Legend:   Private Company Projects         חברה בורסאית Public Companie Projects


 S.Meier on Rothchild
The most Luxurious residential project in Israel, a 41 storey tower designed by the international architect Richard Meier.

חברה בורסאית Towers on Ha’arba St Project
Two luxury office towers in a stunning location in Tel Aviv’s Ha’Arba St. in the heart of of Tel Aviv’s Business Center, some of which were designed by Italian designer Giorgio Armani.

 Migdalei Ha’Zeirim Project
The largest purchasing Group project in Israel, two residential towers of 46 and 40 floors, architectural masterpieces.

 Arsuf Panoramic Project 
108 units including private houses and apartments, which are located the West Coast cliff with breathtaking views overlooking the sea.

 Project Port TLV
A project located only 50 meters away from the water line at the port of Tel Aviv, which includes residential and commercial buildings and  a boutique Hotel  on the Tel-Aviv promenade.

חברה בורסאית SHADAL Project
A luxury tower raising to a height of 40 storeys in the corner Rothschild Boulevard and Shadal St. in Tel Aviv. Shadal Tower will combine luxury residential with hotel services, business and trade.

חברה בורסאית H Infinity Project
Tallest residential tower in the Israel, raising to 48 storeyhigh with  luxury apartments, located on the corner of Ibn Gvirol and Jabotinsky St., near Kikar Ha’Medina right in the heart of Tel Aviv.

 Tel Aviv Towers Project
Two residential towers of 34 storeys, with 240 residential units. The towers are two of a four tower complex in the Nachlat Yitzhak neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

חברה בורסאית H Tower Project
The luxurious office building of 31 floors, located in the Northern business center of Tel Aviv, next to Azrieli towers and the stock exchange. 


In addition, the company has led over 50 successful projects throughout Israel with thousands of residential units.

The  group recently established a subsidiary company  "HagagGroup Tama38 - urban renewal”, which is responsible for marketing 60 urban renewal projects in prime locations in Tel Aviv, as part of Tama 38.


The company's vision


We at Hagag Grpoup believe that our success is due to a brave and reliable partnership with our thousands of clients. While choosing the best locations, working with expert service providers and selecting outstanding partners, Hagag Group has succeeded over the yearsto become one of the leading and most influential real estate companies.

Over 45 exceptional projects such as Migdalei Ha’Zeirim, H Towers on Ha’Arba St. the  Meier on Rothschild  project, the Port TLV ,Arsuf, and other prestigious projects in Tel Aviv and in other areas throughout the country. these have became a model for innovative building, profitable partnership, personal service and, above all, stability and reliability. 

Company management

Company management

Company's vision

Company's vision

Company's vision
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