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a unique neighborhood , luxurious and exclusive.

On the cliff overlooking the blue seas, over one of Israel's most beautiful beaches and adjacent to a nature reserve with wild, green landscapes, a unique neighborhood is being built.  Luxurious and exclusively designed by brilliant architect Ilan Pivko.

Arsuf Panoramic Cliffs  - Your private nature reserve.

Dream and wake up every morning in front of the blue sea and the sound of the waves, go down through the nature reserve to a pristine beach and have a relaxing walk back to one of 52 luxury units, or one of 58 beautifully designed villas.

Wide terraces to the sea, green gardens, bike paths, green eco-environmental development which preserves the beauty and environmental values allowing you to connect with nature.

Prime, central location in one of the most beautiful and prestigious places in Israel, north to Kibbutz Gaash and south to  Arsuf neighborhood. A short distance from one of the best and most diverse shopping centers  in the country, green fields, fast transport routes close to Tel Aviv, adjacent to the golf course, water park, kindergartens, cultural and sports institutions and excellent schools.

Hagag Group fulfills your dream of perfect luxury housing in the wild.

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